DAUN & Co. is a design and production studio based in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia.

DAUN & Co. was born in 2012 in our Kerobokan Bali home with up-cycling thick boat sails to create rugged multi-layered printed and woven rugs. Then came handbags, pouches and clothing. As our team grew, new skills and machines were acquired, the urge to create a line of refined essentials was born. Over the last 7 years, with the same initial team members we have managed to build our self-contained studio where we are able to keep our creative work under one roof to design, develop our masters and produce our full collections. Our 2 shops in Bali are located a few minutes from our studio. An initial “No-Waste” approach wove itself into a production commitment which informs all the ways in which we work as a team. In 2016 DAUN & Co. became a Trademarked Indonesian-American Clothing and Accessories Brand proudly blessed with being based in Bali Indonesia. Our collections aim to create high quality Refined Essentials designed to be enjoyed ‘Day-In, Day-Out; Night-In-Night-Out’, always mindful of our preference for a ‘Wear – Wash – Repeat’ life-style.

WWW.DAUNANDCO.COM  will be retailing online as soon as international shipping from Bali, Indonesia has become reliable. Its just a matter of time.

Oxygen is life, breathe consciously. Be well.